Terms & conditions for movie partners

The UK terms and conditions for usage for Indian Production Houses


MyDesiTickets.com                     Deliverables

  • FREE 3 years of unlimited and unrestricted access using the UK’s 1st and ONLY official Bollywood Media Portal designed for providing genuine up to date information directly from the Production Houses of Bollywood and Regional Movies specifically targeting Company Branding and digital content to largest movie going audience outside of India THE UK.

FREE designated branded production house page within the framework of MyDesiTickets.Com

FREE permanent Branding of the Production House and its logo and profile section with news about the company history etc.

FREE Trailer poster and pictures uploads section for all your marketing purposes of embedding your advertising and marketing primarily your YouTube links also onto the MyDesiTickets.com Media Portal and or other social media feeds

FREE News and updates section to provide all the latest up to date information pertaining to its upcoming release or any other possible news of interest that the production house would like to share.

FREE access to upload an exclusive item of clothing or product from the upcoming production houses feature film which will be solely marketed and advertised in the UK specifically targeting the Bollywood and Regional UK audience.

FREE email push notifications of these exclusive competition trailers to ALL MyDesiTickets.com subscribers

FREE targeted banner Push notifications a full week before its actual release date.

FREE poster branding of the latest upcoming film for a full week before its actual release on the Bollywood/Regional films tab.

FREE do it yourself access (DIY) of your own designated webpage, dependant on your set up this will be done by either A) The Production House’s digital marketing department in India B)Your Companies office based in the UK C) Your distributor whomever it is in the UK. However if you do not have the resource, ONLY at your request via an authorised representative of your company send the an email to roy@MyDesiTickets.com  to do the work of entering new content and or embedding new links on your behalf.


  • FREE access to log in and make email any changes and all changes as and when you decide and if there’s a mistake and amendments have to be made at no extra cost.

FREE access to your very own dashboard which provides all the necessary variables and analytics for which the production house can analyse and assess its online marketing strategy for now and in the future.

  • FREE visual aids of graphs and charts of data collected other than simply a spreadsheet.

FREE access to the UK geographical locations of all its UK ONLY customers/viewers. This is not only of how many per city but drilled further into which areas within the city thus the decision making process made that much simpler of how many reels should be shipped and how many screenings should are required in these areas per area and in which cinema’s.

FREE access to ALL Film production services from MyDesiTickets.com (launching next year in 2020)

FREE access to ALL new services for film production, actors, extras, cameramen, lighting, accommodation, transport, food etc online database. Services of which have been screened vetted and personally approved by Sudip Roy of RoyMedia spanning over 2 decades of working and experience in ALL sectors of the UK Asian entertainment scene. Who’s listed as a preferred line producer in accordance with the UK government’s official website FilmLondon (launching next year in 2020).



Production House                           Deliverables

  • A company Letter headed authorisation letter allowing MyDesiTickets.com to use all of their social media marketing content for the SOLE purpose of advertising and marketing their brand and or product SPECIFICALLY and ONLY for the UK. This is a standard copyright requirement in accordance with the rules and regulations of the UK internet laws and also in accordance with Apple and Google Play in order to legalise both IOS and Android App’s.

To provide one exclusive Item of clothing worn by a lead star of the production house or interesting memorable product from the film to be given away FOC ONLY and SOLELY for a UK contestant winner for which the MyDesiTickets.com website is hosting in association with the production houses trailer for their upcoming release.

To provide a 10/20 or 30 second clip of the actor/star of the film, who for the sheer purpose of hyping the competition offering this exclusive piece of item, product or clothing from the film for  1 lucky MyDesiTickets.com EXCLUSIVE competition entrant (this is a mandatory requirement). You can have a second  competition also running at that time but this doesn’t require a video or UK address but can be an uploaded picture of the memorabilia which can be won and is NOT an exclusive item from the film but could be mugs/cups, t-shirts, pens posters, with branding and signed with autographs for this.

 The production house is not restricted in any way in providing their material to other online marketing portals however it is understood and agreed that in return for the FREE 3 years of marketing space they have on the portal they cannot and will not accept to a similar terms and conditions with another UK driven Bollywood marketing portal for the exact same idea with competitions. Thus affecting the exclusivity of mydesitickets.com.


  • MyDesiTickets.com should be credited in the movie along with all the other logo’s and listed as


Exclusive UK  Film Merchandise Competition Partner



If the production house does not upload their Star/Artists video for the competition at least 2 weeks prior to the release date of their film it is understood that the production house does not wish to take advantage of the FREE advertising on the portal. And if they have just uploaded just a standard film merchandise competition without a Star/Artists video address then a charge of £1000 per film will apply.