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London Confidential


A one of a kind situational spy-thriller drama, ‘London Confidential : The Chinese Conspiracy’ is set in a post pandemic world. The film is touted to be full of pulse-pounding scenes. The film’s narrative is about serial brutal killings of Indian agents in London and how in a race against time Uma, a RAW agent is tasked with finding the mole within their own ranks. While doing so, the highly trained spies will take on a journey to uncover some groundbreaking information about China’s conspiracy. London Confidential makers claim that it is the first OTT feature film to be shot in modern day London post lockdown. Ajay G Rai and Mohit Chhabra have produced the film which has been created by Hussain Zaidi.

Read more at: https://www.binged.com/streaming-premiere-dates/london-confidential-the-chinese-conspiracy-hindi-movie-is-streaming-online-on-zee5-with-english-subtitles/

More about London Confidential

Show Time: 18th Sept 2020, 12:00 AM
Starring: Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Kulraj Randhawa, Sagar Arya, Parvesh Rana, Jas Binag, Diljohn Singh, and Kiren Jogi
Produced by: Zee5
Created/Directed by: Kanwal Sethi
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