David Clift Photography

It’s not about me its more about you and the opportunity to meet you and your family and to be an essential part of the most exciting day of your lives. I honestly love to travel “anywhere” and get to meet couples of whatever background. You are my goal!!! How cool is that?

Recent years have taken me to Europe, Southern Africa and in particular shooting in Paris. Winter or summer!!

Every wedding is a venture and a personal satisfaction to capture those moments of the bride and groom and of course the mood moments of your family and guests too. My camera is my passport to travel and be there to contribute in your marriage build up and your amazing wedding day.

I love to do post-wedding shoots and keep the excitement of the wedding day alive. To recapture the moment of the wedding day in a more relaxed environment and time of day to style poses that suits you.

It’s so important to capture the “forever images” to display in the wedding album on the coffee table and the amazing pic printed on canvas mounted on the wall. I believe printed matter is far more crucial than digital images stored on your computer or a USB method.

Wedding photography today is no longer “smile” say “cheese” and then simply “take the shot” It has become more styled and getting that fashionable pose which many photographers succumb to.

My website and images I hope displays more about me in that way. Please call me!!! And thanks for your visit.

Yes! I have been shooting for many years and carry cool gear. Done wild life, fashion and on and on!!!

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