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Born as a boy in rural Bengal, Parimal realised soon enough that from inside he was a woman, even though he had the physical attributes of a man. Soon, following his natural instincts Parimal had to flee to find himself a world that seemed more accepting to his internal truth. He sought refuge at a transgender shelter in the city of Kolkata, and turned into Puti. It was here that Puti met the love of her life, Madhu, a flute player from the Kirtaniya town of Nabadweep.

Neither the mainstream society nor the transgender clan would’ve accepted this relationship so the only way out was to flee. On the run, Puti and Madhu realised their plight was not to end here. It had only in fact begun ...because Puti felt trapped inside a male body. And Manabi Bandopadhyay, the Principal of Krishnanagar Women’s College, once a transgender herself, told them that the sex-change operations that she went through took not only physical endurance but also a huge amount of money. Madhu planned to come clean to his family about his new found identity and love. He needed the money for the surgeries which could only come from selling of his share of his ancestral land. Also, they needed to meet Puti. But long before the plan could be executed Puti’s identity as a man only dressed as woman came to be revealed at an extremely embarrassing social event. Humiliated, scared, Puti was left with no choice but to leave. She had to run away from a point so close to fulfilling her dreams. Did Puti find her true identity after all, in a rigid society where many, many such love stories are lost to social shame and pressure every day? The answer probably lies not in Puti’s fate but in the couple’s journey through devotion to eternal love.

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Release Date: Jan 01 Sun, 2017
Starring: Riddhi Sen, Ritwick Chakraborty
Produced by: Acropoliis Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Directed by: Kaushik Ganguly
Music by: Prabuddha Banerjee
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